Monday, March 23, 2009

Garden Jewels

My garden is coming on quickly. I have nourished the beds with the dark, sweet smelling, natural nutrients that result from my composting efforts. The perennials are pushing their heads up through the soil...already four inches high in some areas. The flowering trees are blooming.....cherry, peach and dogwood. New grass in that brilliant shade of "spring green" that falls somewhere between green and yellow, has replaced the brownish thatch of winter. Daffodils and hellebore are in full flower. All the springtime colors seem to jump right out at you, when viewed against a cloudless, brilliant blue sky. The garden is dressed and ready for her debut.....all she lacks are the beautiful bits of color that punctuate the green background like jewels...........I eagerly await.

I created this mosaic in Photoshop, from photos of my garden in 2008.



Susan S. said...

What a pretty collage of flowers and garden items! Your blog is very beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Love the mosaic you created. Ahh, spring...such an inspiring time of yr.

Betty said...

You are going to have a beautiful spring, eh? How nice!

Arleen ~ The Tea Room said...

Garden jewels indeed! Spring is THE color for pink. Thank you for sharing with us these beautiful photographs. ~Arleen

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Kay, what a beautiful post. Love the three friends in your garden!
xo Lidy

Tiffany ~ Shabby Scraps said...

Oh, your garden is looking so pretty! And little miss molly is too!
xoxo, Tiffany