Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm spending Thanksgiving day with the people who mean the most to family, both immediate and extended and I'm thankful for each and every one of them. I hope you are sharing your day with your loved ones too. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pink Feathery Roses

While shopping in the Target toy department yesterday, I found some fabulous pink feather boas. When I saw them I immediately thought of my garden. My desk is placed in front of the windows... so in the spring and summer when the roses are blooming, the garden is a sea of pink. The same shade of pink as the boas. I miss the roses. "Sigh"

Hmmmmmm................................................I have an idea!!!

I bought four boas and drove home, while working out the details of my plan in my head. I hit the door running! I searched through my mountain of Christmas decorations until I found the tree that would sit atop my desk. I quickly reshaped the branches and tested the lights. Then I went to work transferring the vision that I had in my head to the branches of that tree.
In between the rows of feather boa garland, I added pink hand blown glass ornaments, pink crystallized branches and balls that are covered with pink glass squares...making them look like tiny disco balls.

I crowned the tree with two tiny sets of feathery wings and a sweet halo. Quite angelic, don't you think?

Then I placed the tree on my desk that sits in front of the wall of windows that look out on the garden. When I stand back and squint my eyes a little, it's as if the garden has come to life again, since the garland is the same amazing shade of pink as the roses that bloom there in summer. The tree shimmers when the sunlight strikes all the reflective surfaces. I love it!

Oh...and did I mention that, on occasion, I have seen what look like tiny footprints in the dust that collects on the furniture? My eyes must be deceiving me. I have been working way too hard preparing for the holidays.
And yet.......................................Hmmmm

Have a great Thursday!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Honoring All Who Served

Today we honor all the men and women who have answered the call to serve.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Each November I kick off the holiday season by attending the CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY HOME TOUR at Watermelon Moon Farm. The antebellum farm house, known as The William Washington Seay House, is listed on the National Historic Register. The homestead was built between 1835-1845. Nationally known artist and designer, Emily Steinberg-Cash, bought the house and surrounding 18 acres in 1991 and named it WATERMELON MOON FARM. Then she set about making it her creative nest. The summer kitchen became a thriving Bed and Breakfast venture. The first floor houses the Gift Shop, where she sells original art pieces, a specialty clothing line of jackets and aprons, home decor items, gourmet foods, scented candles and more. The first floor rooms may also be reserved for luncheons, teas and showers. The personal living spaces for Emily and her husband Harold are located on the second floor. Emily hosts art and craft workshops at the White Barn Studio which is also located on the property. This picture says that it's fall outside but believe me, it's Christmas inside.
We are greeted by the "Welcome Mannequin" wearing a festive apron and Santa hat.....

and Emily as well.

Grab a basket! There are treasures to be gathered.

Lots of decorating ideas too!

I love this new line of porcelain with written verses.

I brought this one home with me!
Tablescapes galore.

If you've never had savory party crackers spread with cream cheese and topped with a dollop of sweet pepper jelly....well you're missing out.

Children dressed in vintage clothing frolicking amongst snow covered evergreen trees as well as a whole village of paper houses and churches hanging from a vintage tinsel tree.

A white snowy theme dominates the entryway.

Vintage patterned fabric made into great jacket/smocks.

Cute glittery snowmen and icy snowflakes.

Vintage Santa and child decoupaged onto a tin tile.

Lovely woodsy motif.

Snow white and berry red decorate this table.

And a reminder to be thankful for many blessings.

The warm glow of a candlelit table.

Emily is the only person that I know (other than myself) who collects goats and goat memorabilia.

These tartan plaid ribbons reflect my Scottish heritage.

The red and green festooned staircase leads to Emily and her husband Harold's personal living quarters which encompass the entire second floor.
Just look at this remarkable panoramic view from the upstairs veranda. It even has a little daybed for napping. How divine!!!

As I make my way back to my car, I pass Emily's herd of goats........

who seem totally oblivious to all the hustling and bustling going on around them as guests come and go. Last year one of the goats gave birth while I was shopping and was already standing up next to it's mother when I got into my car to leave. Baby goats (kids) are really cute!

I'm heading out with my bag full of treasures and a full tummy, having sampled way too many holiday goodies.
Have a wonderful Monday!