Friday, March 26, 2010


A few years ago, I found some vintage yard goods with rabbits printed on them. Remember these cut, stitch, and stuff items? Well, here's one I've sewn and placed in a basket trimmed with pink blossoms and butterflies.

A spring lamb rests in a vintage porcelain basket adorned with a single pink dogwood bloom.

This old (slightly rusty) basket is the perfect place for timid little chicks to hide.

This was my childhood Easter basket. The colors have faded, but it still holds happy memories. I love the shape.

When my three sisters and I outgrew Easter baskets filled with chocolate treats, my Mother replaced them with little porcelain figurines. One year I received these bunnies. I love the sweet expressions on their faces.

Another year we all received sets of ducklings.

Trust me, I've had the bunnies and ducks long enough for them to qualify as vintage items.

I've shared some of my favorite vintage items as part of Anything Goes Here's


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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Yesterday's weather was bone-chillingly cold with a
rain/snow mix . Today, it's gray and cold with
occasional flurries.
Looking out the window into the garden, I see signs
of spring's promise, and I long for the faeries' return.

I long to see them dance amongst the impatients,
scented geranium,
Japanese holly fern, and purple cone flowers

while wielding their wands, with tiny bells,
made from Solomon's seal fronds.

I'm eager to perch myself on a bench with my face behind an open book
and smile my secret smiles
as I steal furtive glances of tiny hands busily collecting dew drops
from roses because "it makes the sweetest drink for the butterflies."

They have their own names for things.
This is "Leopard Tree" because of it's spots.

They are drawn to fragrance.
The tips of their tiny noses are quite often dusted with pollen.

In the evenings, they sprinkle coreopsis blooms on their heads
because it's name is "Moonbeam."
Who doesn't like to wear moonbeams in their hair?

Come spring!
Oh, do come soon.
I miss my garden faeries.
Note: Some have e-mailed with questions re: my faery photo. It's not a postcard but rather a photo I took of my own faeries
( Molly and Waverly) in my garden, to which I've added a Photoshop effect. The text: my observations of their make-believe play.