Thursday, March 5, 2009

Missing Their Faces

My grandchildren live in other states, so there are long intervals between visits. Children grow so quickly….I know that the next time I see them they will have changed. I hate missing out. I know that I’m not the only grandmother who doesn’t have ready access to her grandchildren, but that doesn’t make it any easier and I do envy those that do. When we are together, I take lots of photos. I can’t get enough of them. I made this collage from my photo stash. They are all older now, but I love these pictures of their little round faces.

Although three of my grandchildren are siblings, all four have their own personalities and traits.

Madison (top center photo) is the oldest, my first grandchild. She has dark brown hair, and wants to pursue a career in the performing arts, she sings like an angel and has performed in an impressive number of plays, for someone her age. She has wonderful negotiating skills. Her father (my son) once said “Madison, here’s the deal, I want you to………….” She looked him square in the face and said, “I don’t like that deal, I want another deal.” She was three!

Waverly (photo on the left) is my son’s second child. She has red hair, cute little freckles and a bubbly personality. Waverly is very sweet and kind. She genuinely cares for others. She decided, on her own, to grow her hair until it was long enough to donate to the “Locks Of Love” program for children on chemotherapy. This was a three year project, one that she was very dedicated to. I’m sure her lovely red tresses made some little girl very happy.

Molly (photo on the right) is my daughter’s child. She is our raven haired princess and she is a dancer. Molly feels the music in her soul and interprets what she feels through her movements. At age three we noticed that she could watch a dancer and recreate their complex moves from memory. Molly is an animal lover, as well. She cares about all living creatures. She is sweet and affectionate and loves family girl parties. Molly also likes to sew and create art pieces.

Bailey (bottom center photo) is my son’s third child. The photo was taken shortly after he was born. I love his little round face and innocent expression. Bailey has blonde hair and looks just like his father did at that age. He is a happy baby. I don’t know yet what Bailey’s interests will be, they will be revealed as he grows, which brings me back to my original point, I hate not being there for all the revelations!



Betty said...

Your grandchildren are beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pictures and the information about their interests! Lovely post.

Rose Brier Studio said...

Kay, what a lovely post. Your grandchildren are lucky to have you! I hope over the years you get lots of opportunities to spend time with them. My kids live far away from their grandparents, but until high school they lived close and it was a wonderful thing for everyone!

white o'morn cottage said...

What treasures these little ones are. A lovely post...I really enjoyed it.