Sunday, February 14, 2010


Beautiful red and pink blooms

and the sweetest vintage valentine, edged in old lace,
help dispel the gloom of this overcast day.

A little cash surprise was included
in the valentines for the children

but,I folded them into heart shapes before
slipping them into the envelopes.

I made my special valentine a heart shaped confection.

then piped pink frosting around the edges and
added fresh strawberries, because I know
his appetite and heart are closely connected.
Hope you're spending a very heartfelt day with your loved ones.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


A good exercise for the heart
is to bend down and help another up.
- John Andrew Holmes

Today I felt like stamping

and stitching

If you enjoy hearts, visit Rebecca Sower's blog to view more.


NOTE: I made this piece over the course of several hours, working on it for a few minutes here and there as time allowed. The photos were all made in front of the same window, but in different light situations, as the day progressed. It made an interesting study of how light effects color in a photo.