Thursday, July 22, 2010


Isn't she lovely?

She's French, she's bronze, and she's mine.
(An anniversary gift from my husband.)

She has sweet little round cheeks.

Filling her basket with colorful blooms makes her smile.

Her hair is gathered into a ribbon at the nape of her neck.

Her baskets have little flower details.

Is it obvious that I love her?


Monday, June 28, 2010


It was too hot to do anything outdoors this past weekend. The weather here has been, I decided to visit some nice cool antique shops.

Look what I found. It's perfect for storing all my small sewing items.

The brass drawer knobs have such a nice patina.

I lined the drawers with pretty paper.

The cut-out space in the middle is the perfect size for storing needle books.

I love my new old sewing chest.


Saturday, June 19, 2010


Karen at My Desert Cottage has invited us to share our personal creative spaces. She has all the participants listed on her side bar, and there are a lot. So grab your favorite beverage, put your feet up, and enjoy.
When I first became interested in collecting and creating, I carried all my stuff around with me.
I was five. My Mother (who was trying to clean her closet) decided that if she was ever to finish her project, she must create one for me, as well. She pulled a purse from the to donate pile, and handed it to me. MAGIC HAPPENED! Every treasure I found went right into that purse.
My best friend (and next door neighbor) was given a purse, as well. We'd run to our special corner of my backyard garden, and pour out everything our purses held. Then we would spend the rest of the day making something wonderful from the bits and bobs.
Many different creative space scenarios followed, but my present situation is by far the best.

I chose this room for it's close proximity to my garden. The view from my desk is lovely. I'm constantly amazed by how the garden informs my creative endeavors.

My room is small, but very cozy. I've surrounded myself with things I love.
Some are vintage, some are from my travels ( I found the screen with cranes in China), some are personal items, and some are frivolous, but they all make me smile.

I enjoy sewing on anything that will accept a needle, but my passion is re-purposing old textiles.

Aren't old linens beautiful?

I keep supplies tucked in boxes on the bookcase. Out of sight, but close
at hand.

Some things are too pretty to tuck away in boxes, like bone buttons, glitter, pearls, and cabinet cards.

I gave this pretty old frame a new life, as a notice board. I replaced the dingy oil painting with a sheet of cork that I padded and covered with a pretty fabric.
Yeah, I still love an old purse.

This old mannequin head reminds me of the nursery rhyme......

the maid was in the garden, hanging out clothes,
along came a blackbird, and snipped off her nose.

She's obviously had a (not too attractive) nose job.
I brought her home and made her a QUEEN.


And silver baby cups

This purse is made from a tapestry fragment, found at the
Paris Flea Market.

Treasures tucked into drawers.

I love cheerful faces.

Shabby, but beautiful.

I'm older now. My collected treasures won't fit into a purse anymore, but my routine is much the same. I gather, I re-purpose, I create. I no longer sit on the grass in the garden to work, but the french doors at the end of my desk bring the garden inside, so it's still very much a part of the process. Then I switch on my computer and visit my friends, who are eager to share.

Thank you Karen, for arranging today's event.

Friday, March 26, 2010


A few years ago, I found some vintage yard goods with rabbits printed on them. Remember these cut, stitch, and stuff items? Well, here's one I've sewn and placed in a basket trimmed with pink blossoms and butterflies.

A spring lamb rests in a vintage porcelain basket adorned with a single pink dogwood bloom.

This old (slightly rusty) basket is the perfect place for timid little chicks to hide.

This was my childhood Easter basket. The colors have faded, but it still holds happy memories. I love the shape.

When my three sisters and I outgrew Easter baskets filled with chocolate treats, my Mother replaced them with little porcelain figurines. One year I received these bunnies. I love the sweet expressions on their faces.

Another year we all received sets of ducklings.

Trust me, I've had the bunnies and ducks long enough for them to qualify as vintage items.

I've shared some of my favorite vintage items as part of Anything Goes Here's


Be sure to visit Joan for links to more vintage Easter posts.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Yesterday's weather was bone-chillingly cold with a
rain/snow mix . Today, it's gray and cold with
occasional flurries.
Looking out the window into the garden, I see signs
of spring's promise, and I long for the faeries' return.

I long to see them dance amongst the impatients,
scented geranium,
Japanese holly fern, and purple cone flowers

while wielding their wands, with tiny bells,
made from Solomon's seal fronds.

I'm eager to perch myself on a bench with my face behind an open book
and smile my secret smiles
as I steal furtive glances of tiny hands busily collecting dew drops
from roses because "it makes the sweetest drink for the butterflies."

They have their own names for things.
This is "Leopard Tree" because of it's spots.

They are drawn to fragrance.
The tips of their tiny noses are quite often dusted with pollen.

In the evenings, they sprinkle coreopsis blooms on their heads
because it's name is "Moonbeam."
Who doesn't like to wear moonbeams in their hair?

Come spring!
Oh, do come soon.
I miss my garden faeries.
Note: Some have e-mailed with questions re: my faery photo. It's not a postcard but rather a photo I took of my own faeries
( Molly and Waverly) in my garden, to which I've added a Photoshop effect. The text: my observations of their make-believe play.