Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cozy Sofa, Warm Fire, Good Book.....NOT!

Is it cold where you are? It's freezing here. All Friday afternoon as I went about finishing up the everyday chores that are "the mechanics of life," my eyes kept wandering over to my favorite cozy spot on the sofa, where on a blustery day like today, I love to sit and read. The desire to ease myself down onto that cushion (the one with the crater-like indention which is, strangely enough, the exact size of my back side) was palpable. Really! I was drawn like a moth to a flame. I announced to my husband, "grab your coat...we're eating out tonight" and we ventured out into the cold, which only reinforced my burning desire to curl up and read. We had a lovely dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant Then we stopped by the book store, where I purchased several magazines and Ken Follett's "World Without End." I read his "Pillars Of The Earth" years ago and loved it. My new purchases should keep me occupied for a while, since Follett's book alone is about the size of "War And Peace." I digress. We couldn't get back to our warm little house fast enough for me. As soon as we hit the door, I went straight upstairs and changed into my comfy slippers, while my husband produced a roaring fire in the fireplace. With reading material in hand, I curled up on the sofa, placed a warm throw over my lap, put on my glasses, opened my book and began.....Chapter One. I was about two paragraphs into it, when my sixth sense (mothers, grandmothers, and dog owners have this) began to send a strange tingling sensation up the back of my neck and I became keenly aware that I was being watched. I slowly removed my glasses and peeked over the top of my book.
THERE THEY WERE! Two big brown eyes, staring at me with "how about a little game of tug?" written all over them.

"Ohhh nooo. Not gonna happen." I replaced my glasses, adjusted my throw, and re-read the first paragraph. "WOW ! this book is going to be good," I thought to myself as paragraph two came into view.... again. Then the tiniest little whimper drifted over the edge of my wonderful book and floated into my ear. I stopped, and lowered my book for a second time. The pleading had begun in earnest. She was pulling out all the stops. She was giving me her very best "pound puppy" look. "Don't give in," I warned myself. "Stand your ground"...but before the thought had completely formed in my brain...I felt a crack forming in my resolve. I tried not to make eye contact as I shakily raised the book once more and searched for paragraph three... "Ah, there it is." I didn't begin reading right away. I hid behind my book...waiting for any further interruptions. Thirty seconds......forty seconds......forty-five seconds......nothing. "Well! That's more like it. I guess we know who the alpha dog is in this house." I wanted to feel smug. I wanted to resume reading...............but...................

Something was amiss. "Just look at her lying there all I'm not paying any attention to you." "It's written all over her plain sight...for anyone to read." "She doesn't care if I play tug or not.... in fact, she wouldn't play tug with me if I begged her." It's a wise person that knows when they have been bested. I took off my glasses, laid down my book, stood up and said....."Come on my girl....who wants to read when there's a nice game of "tug" to be played?" Furthermore, I could swear that she smiled as she trotted off to get her toy.
Have a lovely weekend,


Country French Antiques said...

What a wonderful story and I can SO RELATE to that!
Couldn't possibly resist her.
That book will be around long after her, relish the moment :)
Thanks for starting my day with a smile!

Betty said...

She is beautiful! I was pretty sure by the end of the story you'd be playing way to resist those gorgeous, imploring eyes!

Kay said...

I can so relate to your dog story...I have the same thing at my house only my dog is more annoying than cute when he wants my attention. But, ya just gotta love those fur-critters! I'm stitching in front of a space heater and I think I'll move to the's so cold in Central PA today!

Kay said...
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white o'morn cottage said...

She has you well trained! but that look is so adorable and irristible. Enjoy her.

Outstanding Stranger said... could you resist that little fluffy face....I have the same problem at the computer my little dog will sit at my feet and look up...she wants in my lap and it is hard to type with her on my arm...but aren't they wonderful....Hugs, Diane