Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chinese New Year Card

This card wishes you "Happy New Year." I created this greeting card in Photoshop, from paper cutouts of children in traditional celebratory dress, that I scanned into my computer.

The color RED is used in all aspects of preparing for the 15 day New Year celebration. Flowers are an important element in decorating for this auspicious occasion. Red and pink blooms are the colors most used.

Colorful clothing with red accents, like the outfit my granddaughter Molly is wearing, are traditionally worn.

My daughter made a 7 ft. long silk Temple Lion costume. Five people lined up underneath the cloth, standing hands to shoulder, will be needed to animate this colorful fellow during the "Lion Dance."

Gifts of money, sealed in red envelopes, are an important part of the New Year celebration. It's thought that experiencing good fortune during this celebration period insures it's continuation throughout the rest of the year, therefore bosses give annual bonuses at this time to bolster their workers prosperity. Children delight in receiving red envelopes too. I scanned in some currency that I brought home from China with me. I created the red envelope in Photoshop.

Most evenings are spent playing games. Mah Jongg, is a favorite. I learned to play this game during a visit to China. The set in the picture was a birthday present from my husband.
I found this little Mah Jongg set at an antique store. It's from the early 1920's. The playing pieces are "Bakelite." The front cover, with it's brass name plate, lifts off to reveal four little drawers. The first is sectioned. I love the small brass pulls.

The Rules Book is red with a bamboo border around the printing.

This game was copyrighted in 1920 by the J P Babcock Co. and again in 1923 by Parker Brothers.

Here is my New Year's wish for you......"May your year be filled with an abundance of Happiness, Friendship, Peace and Love."


Betty said...

We lived in Taiwan when I was young and the celebrations are fantastic! Thank you for the good wishes. Your creations are delightful; but, you know my favorite picture is the one of Molly and her dear little friend!

robbin henderson said...

Dear Bloger: I am awear of the Asia
New Years, my daughter is from Japan.and they party for a week,the begining of January they have so much fun. So Happy New Yearand your granddaughter is beautiful. Just started my blog@
Just ask Meme.I AM REAL NEW and boy am I having fun!

Pigumon said...

How did you ever find a treasure like that original mah jong set???

It's amazing. I have the "poor man's" version of that set. Same logo and instruction booklet, but the case is made of paper, and the pieces are made of wood. Even the chips are just colored sticks rather than numbered.

You're very lucky to have found that!!

yungen said...

It was amazing to see the currency again...I am from Taiwan and I think they were used about 15-20 years ago when I was still in kindergarten...Just a bit curious about where you got it in China.