Saturday, October 31, 2009

COME THROUGH THE GATE....If you dare!!!!

Legend has it......... that every October 31st, something very mysterious occurs, in the garden, at The Wrought Iron Gate.

As the shadows grow long, and daylight fades to's said, that a beautiful princess can be seen wandering the pathways.
Although she speaks not a word, many have been lured into the garden by her
sweet demeanor.........

and winning smile.

But, BEWARE!!!

For when the full moon slips from behind the clouds, and shines upon the Princess.........

things begin to CHANGE

Her smile begins to disappear!!!

Her sweet demeanor fades.
There's a strange look in her eyes!!!!!!!

and if you look very closely.......
something about her mouth seems different, too!!!!

Her lips part and.....
C H O M P !!!!

I tried to warn you!
Then she unfurls her wings
and flies away, with a satisfied smile on her face......

as "HAIRY" the WIZARD looks on.

Have a SPOOK..tacular Halloween !!!



julia said...

How funny! Such a little actress you have. A beautiful one, too, even with the fangs!

KayEllen said...

So Cute!!

That costume..omgoodness a lot of detail!! Such a beautiful scary cute and charming...young lady;-)

Your evening sounded wonderful and the stroll with the beautiful sky,weather and owls?!!

I love Fall...

Thanks for sharing!


Peg @ Bloomfield Farm said...

How cute! And what a beautiful costume... did you have something to do with its creation?

Claudia said...

What a sweetie in a beautiful costume! I love the fangs!

white o'morn cottage said...

A great series of photos! Well done. Love Pam