Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Beautiful Venice

While digging through my "Might Be Inspirational At Some Point" folder, I came across this picture of a Carnivale celebration in Venice. I was looking for fall/Halloween themed items but when I saw this picture my train of thought was completely interrupted. My mind wandered back to my trip to Venice. I love this city. It is, in my opinion, one of the most romantic places on earth. It's not only visually beautiful but it has an energy like no other. It's citizens are vibrant and have such zest for life. The daily pace is slower than most Americans are accustomed to and yet they never miss an opportunity to enjoy every finite aspect of living. Meals are an experience to savor with family and friends...A time for conversation and laughter. In the evenings an orchestra plays in St. Mark's Square and the entire city takes to the byways beside the canals to stroll and greet each other. I found it intriguing!

I'd like to share some pictures that I took of this enchanting place.
That's me taking pictures from a gondola while being serenaded.
"O Sole' Mio" never sounded so good.
Morning Mists

Gondola On The Grand Canal

Canal Reflection

Rooftops Of Venice
Saint Mark's Square
Fresco Detail
The Grand Canal
Flower Delivery

Laundry day in Venice

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the slide show.
It made me think of Christmas in October.