Friday, September 5, 2008

Remembering Tasha Tudor

We lost Tasha Tudor recently.
She was 92 years old.
I wonder how many generations have enjoyed her books and illustrations.
We had a lot in common, Tasha and I.
We both admired a well tended garden.
I delight in every single shoot that I'm able to coax up out of the soil in my
small "English" styled walled garden................
and she tilled and tended her acres of flower beds, rose gardens, fruit trees,
vegetable patches, and berry brambles.
We shared a fondness for animals.
I love and care for my little dog
just as she (Tasha) loved and cared for her ah....menagerie!
Let's see, she had corgies..... as many as fifteen at a time.
She raised chickens and fan tailed doves. And then there were her indoor birds (plural)
canaries, finches, cockatiels, and parrots. She also had a one-eyed cat, and goats
that she milked twice a day. We both had a passion for anything vintage.
I collect bits and bobs. Her period home was furnished with items from the early 1800's.
Her seventeenth century clothing was made from flax she grew, spun, and sewed herself........
Well, you see the similarities. Right?
I romanticized about living her bucolic life
but she had the gumption to go out and DO IT.
Rest well dear Tasha.

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