Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pink Feathery Roses

While shopping in the Target toy department yesterday, I found some fabulous pink feather boas. When I saw them I immediately thought of my garden. My desk is placed in front of the windows... so in the spring and summer when the roses are blooming, the garden is a sea of pink. The same shade of pink as the boas. I miss the roses. "Sigh"

Hmmmmmm................................................I have an idea!!!

I bought four boas and drove home, while working out the details of my plan in my head. I hit the door running! I searched through my mountain of Christmas decorations until I found the tree that would sit atop my desk. I quickly reshaped the branches and tested the lights. Then I went to work transferring the vision that I had in my head to the branches of that tree.
In between the rows of feather boa garland, I added pink hand blown glass ornaments, pink crystallized branches and balls that are covered with pink glass squares...making them look like tiny disco balls.

I crowned the tree with two tiny sets of feathery wings and a sweet halo. Quite angelic, don't you think?

Then I placed the tree on my desk that sits in front of the wall of windows that look out on the garden. When I stand back and squint my eyes a little, it's as if the garden has come to life again, since the garland is the same amazing shade of pink as the roses that bloom there in summer. The tree shimmers when the sunlight strikes all the reflective surfaces. I love it!

Oh...and did I mention that, on occasion, I have seen what look like tiny footprints in the dust that collects on the furniture? My eyes must be deceiving me. I have been working way too hard preparing for the holidays.
And yet.......................................Hmmmm

Have a great Thursday!


Kate said...

I loooove it!!! The girls are going to really enjoy being in your house for Christmas!!

Connie said...

Kaye, the tree is fabulous.

I found you through mutual friend, Emily Steinburg. Your photos are better than professional. What a gift you gave to Emily (open house photos). I look forward to meeting you one of these days at an Emily event.

You are truly gifted.

Connie Wallace